This is me, Alison Cole.

Hi, my name is Alison, and I like to write.

I’ve been writing all my life, from keeping highly detailed daily journals (written in code!) of my ruly adventures as a teenager, to composing many long-winded essays and “papers” (in both English and French) during my university career, to authoring articles for various newspapers and newsletters as a student, to writing for radio, which is what keeps my writing muscles most flexed these days.

A lot has progressed in terms of technology, since my days of putting pen to dozens of notebooks of paper as a kid, and we now have this thing called the internet. And for several years before starting this blog, it has been my intention to carve a space for myself in this cyber universe, in which anything is possible – or at least in which you can make a platform for yourself to publish all the things in your head to the whole wide world.

So that is what brings me here! I like to share, and I have a lot to say, and, hence, a lot to share! As my homepage banner indicates, what you will find here is “a veritable mish mash of my life” – that is to say a little bit of everything that interests me and plays a role in my life. Have a look around, and I hope you’ll find something you like, and will learn a lot, too!

My intention for this site is not just to convey the thoughts in my head and the telling of my experiences just for the sake of self-indulgence, but rather to impart my learned knowledge to whomever would like to receive it so that you may gain something valuable from my sharing. We all have stuff to contribute to each other, and this site provides an applicable vessel for this aspiration.

Thanks for taking notice of my humble web presence,


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