Indigo Food Café: Raw Crackers with Coconut Cheese & Double-Layered Mousse

I love Indigo Café! Having just opened in Kitsilano (Vancouver) in 2011 by local raw chef Lovena Galyide (whose raw un-cooking workshops I’ve had the pleasure of participating in in the past), I am so pleased that there’s another restaurant in town that offers a whole menu of raw vegan food – and delicious raw vegan food, at that. I need to get there more often, and, in fact, have plans upcoming to go again next week.

I was at Indigo in January and revisited Lovena’s Zaatar Crackers and Golden Tortilla Chips with No Milk Coconut Cheese, which I had been craving since the previous time I had been there, months before. Demonstrating the virtues of using a dehydrator (of which the ownership of one I want badly), the crackers are crispy and delicious and make a perfect compliment to the tangy coconut cheese, which seems too daunting to me to make myself, so I’m glad to have this café to go to to get my fill of yummy and healthy non-dairy coconut cheese coming straight from the raw coconut itself.

Zaatar Crackers and Golden Tortilla Chips with Coconut Cheese

And then I had to have dessert, of course, because Lovena’s desserts are amazing! Touting a variety of delicious desserts (all with accompanying food porn appropriate photos on display), this was not an easy choice. This is another reason why I have to go back – so I can eventually try them all! I opted for the Double-Layered Mousse with Berries and Chocolate and savoured, with euphoria, every morsel of every bite of this delectable wonder. Raw desserts are the best, I am always saying. Please give me more.

Double-Layered Mousse with Berries and Chocolate

Indigo Food Café is only open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at this time, with private classes and special events being held the other days of the week. Get there when you can.

Indigo Food Café
2589 West 16th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
604-568-6549 or 604-537-7288

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