Day 6: Lose 8lbs in 6 Days!

Day 6: Friday, March 8, 2013
Weight: 131.0lbs – loss of 0.8lbs

Disappointed after all that work yesterday, I only lost 0.8lbs!! Good thing I worked out yesterday, or else I think there wouldn’t have been any weight loss of all. It must have been the Lara bar that did it!

What I did today.

What I did today.

Today was my 2nd video shoot job day, so another early day to wake up. I got another wonderful 7 hours of sleep last night. I definitely could have used more; however, I found that I wasn’t tired at all today, and, not only that, I felt pretty good. No headaches at all all day, although there was just a touch of a lightheaded feeling. And, in addition to that, I have barely consumed anything all day. For some reason, I was craving a Diet Coke when I got to the job this morning, so I took one from my car and drank it in about an hour. I know it’s completely not a good thing to ingest when I’m trying to detox (making my body acidic), but I knew it wouldn’t disrupt my calorie intake, since it’s 0 calories, so I gave into my desire and took it.

For the rest of the day, I haven’t been hungry and didn’t even finish my green smoothie that I made for the day. (I drank 8/9 of it – I measured!) I took the time, as well, to make a beautiful green juice this morning before leaving for work, and I just ended up carrying that around with me all day – didn’t even touch it.

My body is very weak and feels very sore (especially after standing and hunching my shoulders for hours today and yesterday during work), so I forewent my Costco trip this afternoon to instead have a last minute massage therapy session, and it was sooo worth it! So, note to self for my next juice fast: book RMT appt. in advance because I know I’m going to need it. I have muscle soreness all over – probably because of my exercise all week with a really weak body (plus the standing for hours).

I’m going to get a good night’s sleep tonight, and tomorrow morning will be the final weigh in! So, there was no exercise today, but I hope that with simply my fasting, this will allow me to get to 130. I’ve been drinking SO much water today (and all week – more than I usually drink, which is already a lot), so I think this will help with flushing out my system. I’ll be satisfied to get anywhere in the 130 zone for tomorrow – which I failed to mention in the introductory write-up. My goal was just to see “130” (point whatever) on the scale.

Today’s calorie intake:  Green smoothie (261) = 261 calories
Today’s calorie expenditure via exercise: 0 (no exercise)

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