Final Thoughts/Summary: Lose 8lbs in 6 Days!

Game Over: Day 7: Saturday, March 9, 2013 – Final Weigh in and Final Thoughts/Summary
Weight: 130.0lbs! – loss of 1.0lbs
Total Weight Loss: 8.6lbs!!!


I did it.

Mission accomplished!!!

I got down to exactly 130.0lbs this morning, and am completely satisfied with this result. Yay!!!

Another great 7 hour sleep last night, after which I felt rested and ready to start my day. I had my ju jitsu class today and my body was still so weak, so I was worried that I wouldn’t have the energy, in my current state, to get through the strenuous workout. So I ate a bunch of sugar, which included a bowl of sugary cereal with chocolate almond milk. And thus, my fast was broken.

Ju jitsu was EXTREMELY difficult today! I was really lacking in strength, but I got through it (and even sat out for a few rounds of grappling as I had no power to control my opponent at all). It felt like I had to exert way more effort to be that physically active (which is indicative of what my cardio workouts have been like all week). Then I went swimming and that was pretty bad as well, but I just took it easy and did what I could do, taking lots of breaks. My heart rate was unusually high from what should have been easy laps.

The dress fit great tonight – even a bit too loose! AND, I tried on the blue ball gown as well (which I had referenced a few days ago), and that fits now too, as well! (though barely, but it zips up!)

I would definitely like to do a juice fast again when I’m not on a deadline, so that I can not be so rigid on it and make myself exercise every day. In fact, I would do it with no exercise to see what the results are for a 10 day juice fast, which is my next dietary goal to achieve. Waking up this morning, I still wasn’t hungry, and felt like I could keep going with it. (but I have all these food plans coming up now, so it wasn’t to happen this  time) I’ve done a 5 day juice fast before (my longest) and my weight loss was an average of 1lb per day.

The detox headaches are supposed to come in days 2-4 (according to what I’ve read), and for me it happened on days 3-5. Also, I’ve found that in addition to having a really weak-feeling body, my whole body has been really sore all week. My muscles are sore all over, and I feel an old injury in my right foot coming out, and I know that this is supposed to happen as well when you’re detoxing – your old injuries rising to the surface of your body as the toxins (and thus injuries) are flushing out.

Speaking of flushing, I have consumed SO much water this week! I always drink a lot of water, but it’s been a lot more than usual this week. This can only be a good thing, encouraging the the toxins to be expelled from my system. This diet has been more about weight loss (the end goal); however, I see it, secondarily, as a nice way to give my digestive system a break, and reset it, basically. When I got back from swimming today, my body was actually craving carrots (more fresh vegetables), so that’s what I ate.

Speaking of food, I’ve been looking forward to a lot of food making for next week! Carrot cake, banana bread, seitan, soup, salads – just some of the things that I’ve been anticipating on making very soon! But I bought more green juice ingredients this week and want to continue to keep that up as well, more than I usually do. In fact, I have a green juice in my fridge right now that I need to drink up!


The final result.

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