Day 2: Lose 8lbs in 6 Days!

Day 2: Monday, March 4th, 2013
Weight: 135.6lbs – loss of 3.0lbs!

Yay! So I accomplished my goal for the first day, which was to lose somewhere in the 3lb range, and 3.0lbs is exactly how much I lost yesterday. I worked out twice (cardio for 2 hours) and barely consumed anything (3/4 of a green smoothie), so I’m a bit surprised that I didn’t lose more, as I’ve been known to lose up to 3.6lbs in one day with less exercise and more food than this, but I’ll take it! Also, I didn’t get a very good sleep today – I only slept about 4 hours -, so I think that factors into the weight loss equation as well, since I know that I lose weight while sleeping (but not so much with just laying awake in bed – I don’t know how that logically works).

Having said that, after I got up today after lying in bed awake for hours, I could feel myself in the very starting stages of “getting sick” (sore throat), and I know that it’s from the lack of sleep in the past few days – only about 4 hours a day. Lately, during my graveyards, this has been happening a lot: major insomnia, even though I’m tired, and it’s catching up with me already this week after only my 2nd graveyard in a row. I can’t afford to get sick this week and might need to take tomorrow night off work to ensure that it doesn’t progress more, but I’ll evaluate after my sleep after work today.

I had a meeting this evening and made my green smoothie to take there (apple, strawberries, spinach, protein powder, wheatgrass and stevia). As of 5:30am today, I have consumed that, the rest of yesterday’s smoothie, 6 cucumber slices, and 9 dried apple rings. The apple rings were a necessity after my workout tonight, as I was feeling hungry for food (not liquid), and although I made a beautiful green juice to take to work tonight, that remains in the fridge for later as the apple rings have satiated me enough.


Green Smoothie – ‘before’ pic


Green Smoothie – after!











My 4am workout was 60 minutes of cardio on the elliptical trainer. My body is tired, but I did it anyways, as usual, and am happy to get that accomplished. I’ve taken in a lot more food today than I did yesterday, so I definitely need the exercise to cancel out the food.

Also, I pulled my (left) shoulder muscle yesterday during my weight training workout, which felt very apparent when I woke up today. It hampered my elliptical workout tonight, as I had to stop using my left arm on the machine shortly into the workout, and I hope to get it “fixed” hopefully later today, as it’s really sore and painful.

I hope for a 2lb weight loss after today’s efforts.

Today’s calorie intake:  Smoothies (382) + 6 cucumber slices (9) + Vega Pre-Workout Energizer drink (47) + 9 unsulphered apple rings (90) = 528 calories + 2 Echinacea tablets
Today’s calorie expenditure via exercise: 417 calories

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